I-Lipo Fat Melting Boston

Despite exercise and a responsible diet, many of us still struggle to win the battle against our genetic tendencies to keep on weight. This can mean that stubborn fat deposits become nearly impossible to eliminate on our own. For those looking to deal with this problem without needles or scalpels, Laser MD Med Spa offers the latest in laser technology with i-Lipo™ Fat Melting.

The i-Lipo laser emits low levels of safe laser energy, which penetrates the targeted fat cells, causing them to unlock and release the stored fat within them. It’s important to note that this highly specialized laser does not affect the skin or surrounding tissues in the slightest.

Once the fat is released from the cells, they travel through the body’s lymphatic system and are transported to the areas of the body where they will be metabolized into energy. In order to expel this fat from the body, the patient is advised to physically exert themselves to help flush the fat from the body. In the end, the patient is left with smaller fat cells, which translate into thinner contours.

The more treatments you have, the more dramatic the results can be. To learn more, contact Laser MD Med Spa today.

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