You Can Rejuvenate the Appearance of Your Hands with a Chemical Peel

You Can Rejuvenate the Appearance of Your Hands with a Chemical Peel

Often, when we try to correct our physical appearance through cosmetic procedures, we neglect our hands. We don’t realize that hands can be the first thing another person notices about us. The backs of our hands get just as damaged as other parts of our body, if not more. They are almost always exposed and […]

Is CoolSculpting Uncomfortable or Painful?

CoolSculpting, also known as cryolipolysis, is an effective non-surgical body-contouring technique used on areas like the thighs, flanks, abdomen, back, and buttocks. In this procedure, we use patented and tested technology to freeze the fat cells below the skin. This causes them to die, break down, and gradually be filtered out of the body, resulting […]

The Unique Advantages of Image Skincare Products

Looking for a range of skin-care products that will make your skin glow with a newfound radiance, making it look more youthful and firm? Say goodbye to regular off-the-shelf products that are just temporary solutions. With age, sun exposure, stress, and pollution, your facial skin is put through a lot; it needs something stronger and […]

Getting Your First Chemical Peel

A beautiful face turns heads. While everyone yearns to have a flawless face, very few people have the drive to actually help their dream materialize. Additionally, many people just don’t have enough time to abide religiously by a skincare routine. Thanks to advancements in cosmetic science, you don’t have to follow a strict diet or […]

Is Kybella Permanent?

Kybella is a non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment that was developed to target the fat below the chin specifically. Kybella helps your body break down and naturally eliminates unwanted submental fat. The treatment dissolves away unwanted excess fat cells, which are then permanently removed via the body’s waste processes. How Does Kybella Work? After it […]

No More Cellulite Thanks to VelaShape

Though it can be hard to admit, most people suffer from embarrassing cellulite. An unhealthy lifestyle is the main cause of cellulite, but other issues like hormonal changes or genetic factors can also result in cellulite. Those in the wellness and beauty industries have created various treatments to get rid of pesky cosmetic problems over […]

Belotero Balance Might Be the Right Filler for You

Nobody likes aging – and why would they? After all, with age comes the visible loss of the beauty that we were once so proud of. No more smooth skin or flawless complexion. Aging of the skin is something that everyone worries about. As we age, we lose vital components of our skin like collagen […]

Why Rejuvenating Skin Treatments May Be a Better Choice Than Surgery

As we get older, our skin starts to change – and not in a good way. This makes us yearn for younger-looking skin. We go in search of options, and more often than not, we are advised to undergo invasive surgical procedures. Now, not all of us are okay with the idea of going under […]

The Science Behind Ultrasonic Facials

A large number of women get facials done at least once in a month. It is recommended to prevent the early signs of aging and to tone the skin. In some cases, certain facial treatments also aim to remove sun damage and tighten the skin as well. Facial treatments improve blood circulation and keep the […]

Have You Been Looking for Hyperhidrosis Treatment?

Having overly sweaty armpits can be an embarrassing situation for almost anyone. Even though it’s a natural process, when you notice visible stains on your clothes that can bring you a lot of unwanted attention, you can be suffering from a condition known as hyperhydrosis. This can be a difficult condition to deal with as […]