Medical Professionals

We are Committed to Patient Safety

All medical treatments at Laser MD MedSpa are performed by licensed medical staff under the supervision of our Harvard-trained board-certified plastic surgeon’s practice.

At Laser MD MedSpa, client safety is a top priority. We maintain the highest possible standards to ensure that our patients are safe during their treatment and satisfied with their results. Our friendly and expertly trained licensed medical staff are under the guidance and supervision of our Harvard-trained board-certified plastic surgeons.

Our approach to ensuring your safety is not just limited to the treatment options we offer. Our team is dedicated to making sure your private medical records remain private. We also run each potential patient treatment plan through a multi-approval system that includes having the treatment approved by one of our medical professionals.

Keeping Your Information Safe and Secure

We believe that maintaining the privacy of our patients’ medical records is of the utmost importance. We also strive to make sure that all of the medical records we store are completely up to date. To ensure this, we have implemented a cloud-based storage system that allows our medical professionals to easily update your information while keeping it protected.

Safety and Satisfaction of Our Patients

We are meeting our high standards on a daily basis. We make sure that all patient treatment plans are reviewed and approved by our experienced medical team. Taking the time to make sure that each client is receiving the appropriate treatment is how we ensure the safety and satisfaction of our patients.

Staying Up to Date on the Standards of Care

At Laser MD Med Spa, we believe that we are never done learning. The standards of care are always evolving, so we make sure that our staff strictly adheres to these standards. We also make sure that all of our medical professionals are receiving consistent up-to-date training for all the procedures and treatments we offer.

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