Frequently Asked Questions Boston

WHY choose Laser MD Med Spa?

  • We’ve been in the beauty business since 2006.
  • Our results can be noticed in as little as one treatment.
  • Free consultations!
  • You will save time and money by getting Medical Spa Services
  • Our lasers treats all skin types.
  • We don’t use IPLs. They aren’t as efficient, predictable, or as safe as lasers for hair removal.
  • Affordable, cost-effective “upfront price policy.”
  • We use only licensed medical and nursing professionals.

How long has Laser MD Med Spa been in existence?

Our first location opened in  2009. Laser MD Med Spa now has four locations in Massachusetts , and we’ve performed, estimated, over 3 million esthetic treatments.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a procedure which removes hair from the body utilizing a long pulse laser. Laser hair removal lasers have been in use since 1997. The treatment is performed by a specially-trained laser specialist or a doctor (depending on the clinic and state regulations) by pointing the laser device at shaved skin. Laser heat disables follicles from producing hair.

Hair grows in cycles. Since various hairs will enter their growth cycle at different times, about 6-8 treatments at intervals of 8-12 weeks are necessary to disable most of the follicles in a given area.

Do you have financing options?

We offer a full range of plans, including extended payment plans, and loans for cosmetic procedures.

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