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There’s nothing worse than stubborn flab. If you look in the mirror and see a pudgy stomach, thick thighs and flanks, or embarrassing back fat, you may be feeling demoralized. Diet and exercise doesn’t always do the trick to get you in shape, and invasive weight surgeries come with their fair share of risks and recovery time. For a non-invasive and modern body-contouring alternative, we at Laser MD Med Spa offer UltraShape® treatment.

UltraShape, an FDA-approved non-surgical procedure, is very different from traditional liposuction. It involves the use of high-intensity ultrasound energy to remove fat cells and take inches off of areas, giving the patient a more proportionate figure.

The ultrasound energy utilized in this body-contouring technique is safe for use and will not harm the blood vessels, nerves, connective tissues, or any of the other cells in the targeted areas.

UltraShape features a 3D guidance system, which makes it easy to treat areas evenly for the most natural-looking results. During each treatment, which typically takes no more than an hour, pulses of ultrasound energy are delivered to the targeted areas through the use of a handpiece. This process causes a tingling or warm feeling but no pain.

The energy pulses reach down into the subcutaneous fat layer, where it affects the fat cells. Their membranes are compromised, and the contents of the cells disperse. They reach the liver – aided by the increase in blood circulation and lymphatic system activity provided by UltraShape – and naturally leave the body.

After the UltraShape body-contouring treatment is complete, you will be free to go back to work and your typical daily activities. Unlike with surgical body contouring, you will not need to return home and rest for weeks while your tissues heal. You won’t even need to deal with bruising.

Multiple treatments may be necessary to achieve the results you’re trying to attain. In these cases, we recommend a two-week period between each treatment.

You’ll be able to enjoy your UltraShape results for a long time. In two to four weeks from the date of the first treatment, you’ll begin to see the effects in the targeted areas of the body. During the two-to-four-week period after the procedure, your body will be getting rid of the contents of the compromised fat cells.

Does UltraShape non-invasive fat-cell reduction sound promising? Then contact Laser MD Med Spa and arrange an appointment for a consultation. Our experienced staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the procedure.

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