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VOLBELLA is a treatment in the Juvéderm® range of filler products. Approved by the FDA, this injection is used for enhancing the fullness of your lips and softening the visible vertical age lines (also known as smoker’s lines or lipstick lines) in the mouth area. Juvéderm VOLBELLA is also quite helpful in filling pitted acne scars on the face.

How It Works

Juvéderm VOLBELLA is one of the most advanced treatments in the range of Juvéderm facial fillers. It specifically targets the mouth area and the lips and is specially designed for patients seeking to add definition to their mouth and face.

The hyaluronic acid present in the gel works to attract and retain moisture in the long run to offer long-lasting results. As opposed to the other cosmetic fillers, VOLBELLA combines varied hyaluronic acid molecular weights. This is why it is effective in creating subtle volume with results lasting for up to one year.

Benefits of Juvéderm VOLBELLA Injections

Below are the key advantages of the Juvéderm VOLBELLA injections:

  • They help in reducing smoker’s lines (vertical lines around the lips).
  • They are effective in plumping up the lips, giving them a fuller appearance.
  • They accentuate and define the outline of the lips.
  • They help in enhancing the Cupid’s bow area of the upper lip.

The Juvéderm VOLBELLA dermal filler with lidocaine helps to gently restore the natural volume of your lips. It can also define lip contours, smooth out thin barcode lines, ease away marionette lines (lines coming down from the sides of the mouth), and treat oral commissures.

The unique VYCROSS™ technology has been used for developing Juvéderm VOLBELLA so that it provides absolutely natural-looking results. With this advanced technology, the product is able to absorb a lesser amount of water, and this means that post-treatment swelling is considerably reduced, especially in comparison to traditional facial fillers.

The Procedure

Juvéderm VOLBELLA contains lidocaine, a local anesthetic, in order to help numb the region during treatment; as a result of this, patients find the procedure to be highly comfortable.

The smooth VOLBELLA gel is injected into your facial skin with the help of an ultra-thin needle. The filler is purposely formulated as a soft and smooth gel so that it lends a natural feel when injected into your face.


We make sure to provide those who undergo Juvéderm VOLBELLA treatment with specific aftercare instructions for proper healing. Following these as closely as possible is the best way to avoid complications.

We may advise you not to wear any makeup for at least 12 hours after the filler treatment. You might also be required to avoid sun exposure, steam rooms, and saunas for a period of two weeks.

It is normal for some patients to experience a degree of temporary swelling, bruising, or tenderness in the injected areas. These issues will quickly fade. Any additional treatments in these areas must be avoided for at least a week.

Arrange a Consultation

At Laser MD Med Spa, we provide patients with excellent care and the results they’ve been searching for. If you would like to try VOLBELLA for yourself, contact our office today and schedule your informative consultation.

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