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Nobody wants to feel like they look out of shape or tired, and one persistent cause of these feelings is a double chin. This aesthetic issue is caused by stubborn fatty tissue deposits in the submental area – the region below the chin. With Kybella, the newest submental-fat-reduction option, patients can rid themselves of that unwanted double chin.

A double chin can cause embarrassment in social situations and a loss of self-confidence. There are numerous potential causes from this embarrassing issue, including the aging process, genetics, and weight gain.

Even people who are in good shape may be dealing with a double chin; by that same token, dieting and exercise routines are not always an effective solution to the problem. Simple Kybella injections can take away the appearance of a double chin by getting rid of the excess fat in the area. This targeted reduction brings the chin into proper proportion with the face and neck.

Non-Surgical Double Chin Fat Reduction

For years, patients and those in the medical industry have been looking for a way to get rid of a double chin without liposuction surgery. For many patients, surgery is an intimidating prospect that typically requires downtime and may be accompanied by an uncomfortable recovery process.

Strict clinical trials have resulted in the FDA-approved Kybella, a safe and effective way to remove stubborn submental fat – no surgery or incisions required. It’s the only FDA-approved injectable double-chin-reduction method on the market today.

Without their double chins, patients feel more confident and gain a better self-image. They also view themselves as younger-looking and thinner-looking.

How It Works

Kybella is a treatment formulated from non-animal-derived deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is a chemical in the body that naturally emulsifies dietary fats in the system.

When employed as an injectable treatment, this chemical dissolves the walls of the unwanted fat cells that contribute to the appearance of a double chin. Over time, these disabled cells are naturally removed from the body, and the proportions of the submental area shrink to match the rest of the face and neck.

The Procedure

Your non-surgical Kybella procedure will be quite short in comparison to most treatments, only taking around 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Because it is so quick and convenient, it is considered a “lunchtime procedure,” a treatment that patients can get on their lunch breaks before returning to work – no downtime needed.

The procedure begins with the application of local anesthetic to the submental region to numb it. Once the area is suitably numbed, injections of Kybella are used to target the fat cells, eliminating them. Once the procedure is complete, the submental region may have temporary swelling and/or bruising.


Are you interested in arranging a Kybella consultation and learning more about submental fat reduction? If so, contact Laser MD Med Spa to set up an appointment. At Laser MD Med Spa, we will evaluate your double chin and determine whether you are a candidate for this cutting-edge treatment.

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