Laser Skin Tightening Boston

When it comes to resolving skin issues, laser treatments are a very appealing option. These treatments are non-invasive; since there are never any scalpels or needles, laser treatments are a form of completely scar-free cosmetic enhancement. One type of laser treatment available at Laser MD Med Spa is laser skin tightening.

Laser skin tightening is the perfect solution for lax skin on the face, stomach, neck, arms, and many other areas. If you’re experiencing drooping skin in an area and want to find out if it can be treated, contact our office and find out!

How exactly does laser skin tightening work? The key is collagen. The collagen protein in the skin is what helps it conform tightly to the contours of the body. Unfortunately, with age, we begin to naturally produce less collagen protein. As a result, the skin becomes less elastic and droops.

Laser skin tightening uses heat energy to encourage the production of more collagen in the skin layers. The higher the level of collagen in the skin, the smoother, firmer, and more youthful the skin looks and feels.

During treatment, the laser pulses energy at the target area of the body. To protect the surface of the skin from the heat, a Dynamic Cooling Device™ (DCD™) cools the skin before each pulse of the laser. You’ll immediately notice results from the treatment, and these will only get better with time as collagen continues to grow.

Want to learn more about laser skin tightening? If so, call or email Laser MD Med Spa today and arrange an appointment.

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