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Ultherapy: The New Way to Get Rid of Your Sagging Skin

Ultherapy is a cutting-edge non-invasive procedure used to tighten drooping skin around the chin, neck, brows, and even the décolletage (upper chest). In the past, other skin-tightening procedures were used, but they were not consistent and left patients feeling disappointed and searching for a better treatment. Unlike these previous procedures, Ultherapy leaves patients satisfied with their results – tight, smooth, and, most importantly, natural-looking skin.

How It Works

Ultherapy uses ultrasound imaging technology to view specific areas in the skin tissues. It delivers ultrasound energy into these points in the deep tissues, where collagen protein lives. The natural healing process of the skin is encouraged, which then causes the body to produce new collagen that works to tighten and smooth the skin, improving its quality.

The results of your treatment are usually seen two to three months after the procedure. They can continue to improve even after six months as a result of your increased rate of collagen production. Your skin will most likely remain tighter for up to a year after the procedure.

A typical Ultherapy procedure takes an hour to 90 minutes, depending on the size and location of the area to be treated and the treatment plan that has been created for you.

A good candidate for Ultherapy is someone who has lax skin, usually someone in their 30s or older. It can also be a beneficial treatment for younger patients who are trying to stay ahead of the aging process.

The Benefits of Ultherapy

  • It is a non-invasive procedure, meaning that there is no swelling, scarring, or bruising.
  • Unlike other procedures, it reaches down to the deeper layers of skin and proves to be more effective, tightening from the inside out.
  • There is no downtime. Instead, you will be able to go back to your daily routine immediately after the procedure.
  • It is extremely safe, as ultrasound technology has been used in the medical field for more than 50 years.
  • It offers long-term effects, as results can last up to a full year after the procedure.

Factors to Consider

Some patients experience a minor degree of pain or discomfort during the procedure, but these patients have reported that it is tolerable. Any discomfort usually occurs while the ultrasound energy is being delivered to the skin tissues. There may also be slight redness of the skin for an hour after the procedure, but this is normal. At worst, some patients experience mild swelling and tingling, which are also temporary.

Before you start your Ultherapy treatment, make sure you’ve clarified all of your doubts in regard to the procedure. Some patients also choose to have only one side of their face treated, analyze the results, and then start on the other half of their face.

If you are interested in finding out more about safe, effective Ultherapy treatments, feel free to arrange a consultation at Laser MD Med Spa by contacting our office.

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